Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Session 4006: The Jetty -- Sat 1/31

Well, I almost forgot to log the last session at the Jetty on Saturday Jan 31. We originally planned the BBQ for our surf group but earlier the week, I called it off mainly because of the turnout, the swell etc. Honestly, I still in a state of disbelieve that I have started a group. As I was growing up, it was not my forte to do something like this. There usually were other kids that were leaders of some small group in a school or whatever. But, anyhow, this is not to say that I am not enjoying, but I am a bit challenged to keep the group going and make everyone as satisfied and fulfilled as possible. I guess this is why eventually a group become formal and have presidents and treasurer etc. One side of me think that I should keep it as loosely knit as possible, but on the other hands if we want to events, I sometimes draw a line like asking people to show up at the sessions on-time. Now I know clearly in my mind that I did not choose politics as my main job.


Back to surfing, so I had an opportunity to speak for a while with David Alexander, our local surf instructor, on Friday afternoon about various options for learning surfing etc., but he told me that the Jetty was starting to be good because some sandbars have been forming. Also our Ren called me about the Linda Mar really getting junky on Sat morning. So I sent out my buddy Nick, who lives only 2 minutes fro the beach, to scout out the section. I really love it when these chain of communications work, and that’s one thing I am much stoked about getting this group of surfers started. Some of us really communicate tight and know where and when to go and not, and we are in constant communications.


I sort of rambled on about people aspects on this log, but the reason for that is that I want to remember later on that I did have some surfing buddies (if I don’t at some point in the future). Also the condition at the Jetty was “fair” as when I arrived the tide was good but quickly went down and all the good stuff faded out and so not much to report on the surfing department.


It remains to see by the next year this time how our group of surfing friends would be. I am starting to wonder, if some of us all progress to the expert level all together, or we would go separate ways. Well, at least, I can come back to my WaveLog and compare.





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