Monday, February 09, 2004

Session 4011: Cristned the Beach For The Week, but Scored None!

Usually I do not surf on Mondays, because usually I surf so much on the weekend, and also on every other Mondays I am volunteering for water sampling for the Surfriders leaving lesser time to put in surfing in the morning before work. But I decided to put 30 minutes in, work it out like a heat in a competition then get out...
As for Monday surfing, I guess the same goes for most other people, since I was the only one in the entire mile stretch of the beach this morning and also most other times, usually you see less cars on parking lots, especially in the morning. 
This morning the condition wasn't great either, really nothing that I could surf on. Also, I made a wrong decision of taking my shortest board thinking that it would be lot of white stuff that I would need to duck through... Which was true, but then there was no good breaking spot that I could find... at least from where I was. I was paddling all over the places to find a take off spot for 30 minutes and the time was over to get to work. Quite a bit of workout though especially on a short board.  
Quite a contrast to yesterday. Well, you win some and lose some. At least I burned a lot of calories, and that's the reason why I have taken up the sport, so I should be happy.

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