Friday, February 13, 2004

Session 4015: Dawn Patrol

Well, the 6:50 idea went out the window. But I pulled into the parking lot at exactly 7:00 a.m., and sure enough, there is a woman just getting out and ready to go to work. I asked her, "Excuse me, how long you have been in the water?" "Oh, about an hour or so, I need to get to work, what a bummer." She replies. So that means she had been surfing since it was very very dark out. I think that she could not have surfed for more than 30 minutes.
This morning was kind of fun with waves taking shape a bit with the tide a bit higher during the session was helpful. Right at when I got there, when I was talking to the woman, the wind started to kick up, but then as soon as I got in the water, it stopped. I said to her, "the wind is kicking up!" and she said that "It must have just started now."
My old trusty 7'6 hybrid was a good choice this morning. There were some good "inside" breaks that were chest highs and I just caught one after another while some set lasted. Unfortunately though, they just crumbled so no chance of really hitting the side with my rail.
When I got out, someone must had a coffee and left an empty cup on my car. I was so mad.
Then when I got back and ready to throw them out to the trash, they were brand new cups.
Oh, I see! Rick must have been here and gave me the small resin mixing cups he talked about. Well, as it turned out he was just getting ready to go in. I thanked him for them, and also he also left me the Lockheed Martin calendar on the space too. 
Should I not have started my web site, I would not have been in this sort of situation. I am so happy to be surrounded with so many nice surfing friends!

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