Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Session 4.167: My Wife Surfs for The First Time

My Wife, Wendy, has surfed for the first time in her life. This is actually pretty remarkable because she would never go into the ocean in NorCal -- she says the water is too cold. But with the water temperture going around 70 degress out here, it is like being in a heated pool out here!

We went to Kamaole beach in Kihei. Unlike in NorCal the surf rentals are open very early in the morning. We were there at 8:00 and people are already out on surfing lessons and also we were easily be able to get a rental. So it was great to get the day started.

With very little swells this week, it was an easy introduction to Wendy, and also the floor is shallow for hundreds of yards so it is very comfortable paddling out as "no matter how far" you paddle out, you can always touch the sea floor.

That was good for me as I stand on the floor and then I can give her pushes.

She was able to ride a fairly long wave to the shore on her belly and she says that she will try the real surfing instruction next week!

One thing I learned about pusing is that I can cause her to pearl easily, so here is some tricks that I learned.

When pushing someone, be sure that the surfer is scooted back a bit further back, and also rather than just pusing straight forward, push the back of the board down as you push forward.

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