Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Session 4.162: Stoke 8. Some Good Rides Today

This morning we did a DP with Steve H. and I really had a good fun. We were definitely feeling this new NW swells, and this morning the buoy was reading about 5 ft 17 seconds so I knew there will be some good waves out there.

There were some fast closing sets but also there were some mush sets too, and I must still say that I love mush sets as I am still not ready to challenge those. I don't know how many people actually do.

The energy was abound in the beach so getting out was a bit of work but I like these kind of workouts, the only issue might be is that once I am out I am a bit tired to really push hard to catch the waves. I really should get out, take some rest and let others have waves too at the same time.

My Gold Fish 66 has worked really well on some of the waves and I was getting some good long rides with really a feel of being planted on the board. That means I am ready to turn harder.

Some of the problem areas that I need to work on based on the experience today are the following;
  • I should really make efforts to do even faster flick ups. Wipe outs are less but I often end up riding belly boarding as it is too late to stand up.
  • Once I do above then I should really set the initial turn faster so that I can set the rail faster on the waves. On long boards this is easier but for short boards it is still a challenge.
  • I should (and would like) to go for the waves. I know I can because when I do I can.
After the session I spoke with Arthur and he was at the OB with waves really huge.

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