Monday, August 02, 2004

Session 4.142: DP Stoke 6. Taking off 110% of the time!

Though that the tide was too low and also the swells have dwindlled but with no wind out and esentially only 4 people were out on my side of the beach, it was fun. I actually had a late start and did not get to be beach until 7:30 or so, but in a course of an hour I caught dozen waves on my foamy board. I actually could have taken out the Fish but then I though looking at the powerlessness of the sets, I have chosen to go for the foam. It was at the lowest spot of the tide and since we are close to the New Moon, we really had a real low tide. But soon after, the tide started to rush in again and I had a few good shoulder highs.

In a short 1 hour session I caught so many waves, it was really amazing and fun!

I also am starting an advise I got from Wardo that I am now trying to look beyond where I am going, instead of just looking at where I am going. Not much success today, but I am getting there. So Wardo, watch me (this is a functional pun).

Since Sastuday at Manresa, I have aquired a new trick of take off even if I have not taken off. It is almost like a hot dogging take off. Sometimes I fail to take off on a wave, pearl or whaever, but while I am in motion I quickly get back on the board, paddle some more and take off in the soup. So I am now taking off 110% of the time!

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