Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Session 4.155: More take off lessons today

The much anticipated S. Swells did not hit square this DP. So back to the usual beach! But we still had some NW left over up to hip high today. Did it stop me from going? Of course not. As I always say, "the size does not matter."

On a day like this, I choose to practice two things.

- perfect and smooth duck diving. I still need a lot of practice in this area because not every duck is perfect. Sometimes I get pushed back. Until I never get a push back, I need to practice it under some soup and under a bit bigger waves.

- Take off and more take offs. Small wave take-off means faster and more powerful take off then to carefully and accurately ride the waves, and 5 out of 10, I still don't execute everything fast and smooth enough that I cannot score long rides. I know it is possible to do so.

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