Sunday, July 29, 2007

Session 7095: Sorry I Was The One Catching More Waves...

If you saw a while long boarder guy today and catching a lot of waves, that could have been me at the famous beginner break in the county.

Actually I was thinking about this for a bit while I was in the water.

In 2004 or even 05, I would go out and I was extremely frustrated that why other people catch so many more waves and when it was a wave I could catch, there was already someone on it. It was really frustrating, and it is still frustrating because there will be other occasions and places that the same thing happens still.

But here are some things that I am starting to discover;
  • If you are catching a lot of waves, then you tend to catch more. Somehow, other people tend to, perhaps, submit to you a bit?
  • I am much more aware of what is happening around me. I know who's better than me, and I know who are not catching, messing up all the time, or showing up with totally inappropriate board for the condition, where they are relative to me etc... A set comes, and if that better guy goes first, along with the people who paddle for every damn wave, all of which usually happens, then I let him and them go, because I will be on the next wave where everything is all clear.
  • I catch second or third one in the set that can be a bit smaller, and less desirable, but by now I have built a little more confidence that I can muscle through some take offs on smaller ones in the set.
  • I usually manage to find sub peaks so I avoid competing with the best surfers out.
  • I show up with a longer board.
  • I paddle a bit further from the outside, so people know I am going to get the wave.
  • If someone is font of me to catch the same wave I will be, I will shout, "I am Up!", "Going Right!" etc.
I never have to have an aggressive attitude, and I always give waves (especially the ones that blows up ). "Go ahead! It's yours!", but as soon as the surfer start to paddle in I would also shout "Hey Don't waste it!" (Oh, what a pressure, I am excreting!)

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