Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Session 7081: What A Dedication!

I thought that I could own the whole beach by myself this morning, but there was one guy already doing his StokeCHECK and it was one of the local regulars, though I have not seen him in months.

At any rate, I was happy to see that at least one more person would get out with me, especially at this spot, it is a bit spooky when I am just the only one out.

You know what he told me though is even more shocking. He said that his wife is having a baby today! He said that he will put 30 min of session in then head to the hospital!

What the %&$@? What a control!

I am not going into medical details. It is basically routine stuff these days, I guess...

But if I was him, I would not have gotten out today.

I told him that there are many past buddies of mine who completely quit surfing and became dedicated parents. He said that he would never do that again. I would believe him having seen him so committed to surfing today!

He is a really good local surfer and he was just in good control, and sure enough he was there for about 30 min, got out and waved me good bye.

Good luck to you and your wife, man, and see you in the water tomorrow!

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