Sunday, July 15, 2007

Session 7083: Fun Summer Ride, Post Accident Report, SiteUpdate

Post Injury Report

This was the first session since I screwed up my finger. I have now loaded the Morrey Boogie board in my car just in case I thought I cannot flick myself up, but today it was about chest high on a gentle side so I took out Walden Magic 9'0 see if there are issues and I had a blast. I wrapped my finger with many layers of tape.... That's another thing I should share with you. If you need to tape your fingers, cut smaller pieces and wrap them around over one joint at time. The result comes out much cleaner, easier and stability is good. Also gloves fit over much easier. Also as soon as you get injured like that I go for a 600 mg of Ibuprofen right away to control the immediate onset of pain and inflammation until you get to the doctor or ice first. [Note I am not a physician.] Carry and stock your first aid kit, though, because you never know when and what, or you may be appreciated by helping other injured surfers.

Long board is much easier to get up on, and since I do not need to duck dive, there is less grabbing of the rails. Sometimes, I start to wonder why do I even bother with short boards in the summer... It is so much fun and it is just as difficult.

I also have told you about flat-palm flick up method, and I have switched over to that today to get around the finger problem and the result was really good. I think it is safer and so I will try to use this technique whenever I can. I know, I know... there are differing thoughts on this, some people adamantly "believe" that you need to grab the rails to get up. I have read about this from various surf instruction books and the opinion are also different. Some recommend one method over another. This seems to mean to me that either ones are OK.

StokeMaster Web Site Update.

This gets into a bit technical, since StokeMaster is an Internet based surfing club, I ought to share with what I have been learning.

Yahoo seems to be mounting a full blown fight against Google. In the past few weeks, of not a month, the StokeMaster web site has been indexed at unprecedented amount. In fact, it is the biggest bandwidth consumer of this site. I though that MSN bot was very aggressive but the Yahoo Slurp goes at least double that. Even though I send in site maps to Google, it has taken a back seat in indexing this site. I won't be surprised when Yahoo gets back to top position in traffic delivery by next year this time as far as this site is concerned.

I think that I can see the result. It used to be that Google and MSN brought the most traffic to this site in that order, however, now, Yahoo is superseded MSN and coming to the second place in the number of traffic.

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