Saturday, July 21, 2007

Session 7088. Surprisingly Good and Don't Mess Around

I have a policy that if I go to the first spot and if it looks good enough, I don't mess around looking for another spot.

I have this policy because,
  • Time in the water is prcious to me. If I know I can ride the waves there, I don't get greedy. I want to get in the water, and now!
  • There is 50/50 chance that other location can be worse or better. I have been "burned" numerous times, and wasting lot of gas and time in the process.
Sometimes, though I cannot enforce the policy if I am not by myself. In that case, I give it and my buddy a benefit of doubt and I switch the gear and enjoy wave hunting as activity.

I have another policy. Take more than one boards with me. Especially a longer and shorter board (given a condition). This has helped me on this session. I had hard time catching these outside waves without much power with my 6'5. That fixed it when I got back and gotten out the 9'0 Magic.

See You Out There!

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