Sunday, July 22, 2007

Session 7089 Repeat of Saturday But At My Spot

This morning we went to the sport where we were supposed to be yesterday, and it was actually more fun than yesterday. The first half of the session, I have taken out a JC 6'4 and I did not catch much, so like yesterday, I went back and got my Walden 9'0 and I started to catch good and long rides.

Of course, it all matters with the skill levels of surfers. Some good short boarders were getting their fair share of waves. For me, I took the long board out, paddled out to where nobody else was. But as soon as you take a couple of long rides, then that's usually is it. The peak I was owning to myself is now discovered and one by one, people starts to paddle my way.

No problems with me. I just paddle over to yet the next peak. Then before they know it, I am back on the original peak!

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