Thursday, July 05, 2007

Session 7076: Now the North Kicks In!

In the morning, I do a quick check of local buoy and wind reports, post that to the home page and the StokeFORUM and then plan where to go for surfing before I hit the office. Posting a StokeCHECK is not a big work because I check the stuff anyway so why not share what I've learned, and that's all about all my web contents.

So, when I checked this morning, I was surprised to see close to 10 ft of swells and they were coming all from NW. In the past few days, I was so focused on the south swells that I have totally forgotten about the NW stuff coming in. But that's where all these programs comes in to picture. They are all faithfully recording the changes all over night without complaining and I really think that's really remarkable, and that's something we should all not take them for granted.

Already at 6:15, there was a live surf report from my local buddy with the north county all mess etc. So I opted to go for a local break, and checked out a spot further south. It was actually a huge mess with lots of waves coming in. It certainly looked like a paddle-out hell.

Then remarkably further up at the Jetty it was almost flat. It is so amazing just 4-5 miles can make so much difference, even I know that would be exactly what happens logically.

So I decided to dip in at the Jetty as the first surfer. I used to really hesitate to do that, but now I don't care. I really don't have a whole lot of time. I do love to get in the water and even just paddling keeps me in good shape, so I don't really mind even if it is totally flat. There were some ripples on the water but it was otherwise glassy and I really enjoy paddling in these waters. I just feel like I am going smooth and fast out in the ocean.

However, every once in a while some waves did come and I caught a few very short rides, or more like a take-off practice.

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