Friday, July 06, 2007

Session 7077

Fog has lifted off at the beach, and the local wind was almost none. Enjoyable.

Thoughts of The Day:

This morning, I have been contemplating about whether blogging every session, or blogging about sessions in of it serve any purposes. It occurs to me often that some people may take this as myself just showing off how often I get to surf, or how well I am getting at surfing.

Then I remembered of a movie scene from a long time ago, it was about someone appearing on "PBS" show and while the person is getting the "make up" for the show, the beautician told him "It's a PBS show, nobody is watching." So that's probably the situation I am in. It is actually more for my own satisfaction than for the others and so it really does not matter. So I might as well continue on.

As usual with most any sessions, if I go out, I usually feel very good afterwards. Hope, if anyone is reading this, you also feel good when you get out.

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