Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Session 7082: Accident!

Damn! I had a somewhat of a setback.

I took off on a closeout wave, the board wabbled, and the board knocked my finger #4 (#3 if you are a C++ or C# programmer), and sprained it. I surfed the rest of the session, but afterwards the middle knuckle was swollen and I bandaged it to to immobilize it.

I know it will take 6 weeks to heal. Between my acclaimed collection of motorcyles and surfing accidents, I know and I even don't finish all of the prescribed Vicodine just in case this sort of things happen.

I will be surfing on my Morrey Boogie for next several sessions. Perhaps, I will try to re-develop the "palm on the deck" flick up after that. A while ago when I posted about that technique some people disagreed that that won't be a good way to flick up. But they will see.

Oh well, what did I tell you in my disclaimers all over, "Surfing is a dangerous sport..."

You all be careful. You never know. Smaller waves seems to be more dangerous!

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