Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Session 5160

Running and owning a web site turned out to be not simple. It really requires a social responsibility and also dealing with sensitivity with a large number of people.

I continue to be surprised about the readership of my WavLOG feature. In addition to comments I get from the Yahoo Groups, I also get comments posted directly on the BLOG and direct e-mails. I am really happy to say that all of them are extremely encouraging. When I enabled the comments feature, I was fully prepared to get a message like "Hey cook! Stop bragging about yourself, go surf somewhere else." I also divulge the fact that there are even some people locally very close to me that are against the idea of writing anything about surfing experiences on the web. Understandably, there are people and web sites that would blatantly advise people to go here or there, and I understand that sentiment, therefore, I do not mention specifically where I was and where I am going to be. I even think that is irresponsible of some of them to some extent as most ignorant people would flock to a location or two because a "trusted" media said so, and from that stand point I would prefer to conduct a responsible press conduct.

The bottom line to me, though it really is immaterial in telling you where my surfing adventure occurred because by the time you read this, I have moved on to another break somewhere that I feel is better about and I don't know how you surf. You could be much better than I am in that case if I gave a Stoke 10, you'd say that what the big deal is. Or if you have just started out and I take you to where I was yesterday, for example, you probably would have stood at the beach shaking your head saying "Why am I here?" And both situations happened to me, so I can understand both. So considering all these points, I choose not to tell you exactly where I was. I think this approach is fair to both experts and those starting out.

Running and owning a web site turned out to be not simple. I really have learned a lot both about surfer to surfer relationship as well as actual technical aspects of the sport.

As for this morning's session, it was really fun. Compared to yesterday's battle scene, this morning was more like a smooth sailing. It was a good chance to work on the details of rides rather than the seer strength and guts like yesterday. I do enjoy both, but not two days straight like not eating pizza two meals in a row.

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