Saturday, June 18, 2005

Session 5122-3

We were going to hit north and go as far as Carlsbad or Oceanside this morning, but as soon as I hit Del Mar, it looked good so that's where I decided to go. Further north of the town there was an area with a parking lot etc., but closer to the "old town" area where you'd park in a neighborhood street, cross the rail track, down the steep cliff, then on to the beach. Crossing the rail track and seeing the train pass by from the lineup always associated me with surfing in So Cal Often when I am in a strange place, I usually follow other cars with boards on top and that usually lead to some interesting beaches.

In a new location, it is still hard to figure out the waves. The difficult part is to find where to go for the best spot for me to catch the waves. But finally I find the sweet spot for me, and I was able to practice a lot of riding today and when it happens, of course, it is a lot of fun.

This morning, I was really thinking about relaxing in the waves. Part of the challenges I get when surfing in a new place is that I tend not to relax as much and when that happens I tend to mess up more.

Session 5123

After the morning session and a lunch, and a nap, it was already.

We checked out La Jolla Shores beach, which is actually a nice big beach with a lot of parking, but it was blown out rather badly, so after a few minutes of surf check, we headed back to Tourmaline spot. It was surprisingly not crowded there and I surfed more closer to the "pier" side and there were some nice moment where I was able to hold a longer ride. Of course, if I tell that to my wife who was staying in the car just reading, she would not believe that I actually "ripped" a bit.

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