Sunday, May 29, 2005

Session 5100!

My 100th session of the year was today, and I have not been in SC for quite a while, so I decided to go there since my wife can also come. Manresa was small, and probably I should have not gone all the way there, instead, I could have surfed Scotts Creek this morning. But on the other hands further south we went from Scotts Creek, the sky got more clear and that was a nice benefit of going all the way there.

I got in the water at 1:30 PM or thereabouts, and there was about chest high beach breaks going on a low medium tide situation. The wind was initially not there and that allowed some of these breaks to happen. In the area where I was, there was one better surfer than I but between him and I, we were the only one catching and riding the waves, and on the outside it was not crowded at all. Even getting in to the parking lot was not a big deal at all even though this was the Memorial week Sunday.

But within an hour or so, the wind started to pick up and the situation has gotten really junky and finally it did not break at all for quite a while, so I gave up and got back. Rest of the PM, we strolled the Pacific avenue and got back.

It was still a good day to practice taking off as "late take off" seemed to be more appropriate for this kind of situation, and I still worked a lot on getting the good feel for the take off weighting and timing, and it was actually perfect for this as the condition was not very threatening for any screw ups. Today, the front still dug in too much so I do still need to continue to work on the weighting a lot. These three fins are there for a reason, and I really should use them, and honestly, I did not even realize that until very recently.

Well, the adventure continues!

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