Saturday, May 07, 2005

Session 5090, another Stoke 10 Morning

It is almost amazing that we continuously manage to catch good waves yet with good weather and not much wind to speak of. This morning Ken and another new surfriend of mine at the Jetty and decided not to surf at the Jetty, instead we drove south to find the a better spot, and as I guessed there were quite a few spots that were throwing overhead size, but gentle waves.

The bigger sets were definitely overhead or a bit bigger especially by the time they shaped up in the inside. But the breaks were starting really far outside so when bigger sets came, they were easy to get going on and then by the time we were on it, they grew even bigger in the inside that just gave us a lot of fun. The John Carper Equalizer 7'5 was working out so well in these waves where I could catch waves equally well with a long boarder, but once I was up on it curving the bottom and going up was a snap!

This morning, I let everything and all the theory go and decided to just have fun and that worked out really well. I was very relaxed for the whole time and caught many waves and rode the face and cut back with an ease. This is in contrast to surfing with local advanced bros, since I do often feel a bit more pressure to perform well in front of their eyes.

The waves had so much power that I was actually been able to do a better pull outs than before and that's something that needs a lot of speed to get up on the wave and then kick out.

With the blue sky and balmy condition both inside and outside the water, it was just so perfect of a weekend!

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