Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Session 5087

This has been one of the most memorable spring surfing I have had so far. The condition has been remarkable and the weather has held up for so long continuously. No fog and no wind for a long stretch of time, and this morning I headed for a quick session at Jetty before hitting the desk at work.

As many of you now, the waves do go down rather quick at the Jetty most of the time, and this morning was no exception, except that waves were not very big, probably the shoulder level max. They were breaking shallowly, so when I get plummeted, hitting the bottom was inevitable, and on one of the take offs, I went head down in the water, but I got my arms above my head and I was doing a head-stand and this cart-wheel action in the water.

I was actually happy to know this morning that the waves were smaller because I wanted to do various experiments on take offs. I think I will be doing this for a while, and in fact, for quite a while and once I have better idea of what is going on I will be sure to write about it, but one thing for sure, there seems to be a lot of things going on during the crucial moment of take off, and to a good extent, setting up for a take off.

Well hope tomorrow the weather will hold up.

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