Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Session 5058: Winter Season Wrap Up

Finally back in the water!

When I first started to surf, when people said, "The Winter has the best surf." I did not believe it. I did not because I did surf during the winter time, and it seemed that there was basically nothing but a lot of white water, stormy weather etc. I wished that the winter would go away and become spring or even the summer. Having said that I do not see anything wrong with the summer either.

But this winter is probably the first winter surf season that I would wish that it would last longer because I now remember having some great days, and that I will still wish that "Aleutian Juice" would continue to pour into our area. But it is now the spring time, and I can tell it is so.

The spring time brings all sorts of interesting situations. There can be a lot of rain, wind and lot of waves, then there can be some days without any fogs, but no swells, or too much of it. It is the time for change of the weather and the cold weather tries to fight its last battle to stay on while the warmer weather starts to winning. That said, I am now going to be able to bring out shorter boards and do some small wave fun, and actually I am looking forward to that too.

This morning, definitely it had the feel of the typical wind swell situation where waves were not threateningly strong when they closed out, and there were some really fun rides. As you may know, I have been practicing taking off on a steeper situation. In the deep of the winter when the swells are cranking at 20 seconds, if I made a mistake, that would meant that there will be a long hold-downs, but when the swell period gets shorter, then there simply is not that much water to do damage, so from that respect it would be fun and also it would open up more possibilities along our coast. So in a nutshell, I think I am still looking to the spring and summer surfing season, but this time, I am also looking for the next big winter too!

This past year, in terms of the progress, there has not been a major one, but the fun factor has significantly increased as there are now much wider options of where and when I can surf, and I guess that's a bit of reward for paying some "dues."

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