Monday, March 21, 2005

Session 5053

While the outside was raining a lot, as for me, I have been in a kind of a dry spell not being able to go into the water for a while. You might think that I may have came to rely so much on the forecast information and decide not to go. But no so, both days, I did go out and check to make sure that the conditions are not right for me. Plus this was a good chance for me to work on the software revamp on my web site. I have done most of the backend coding in the past two days and that in itself was a bit of a marathon coding session.

This is the Monday morning, it is the morning for going out and take water quality samples from Montara and Gray Whale Cove, and if I have time, I'd do a short session at Linda Mar before heading to the office. Jetty was a lot of mess like all this past weekend, Montara was huge like yesterday. Montara was big, and Gray Whale Cove had tubular big waves that blew out the column of air as they closed out. In all these times I had been with the ocean, I have not seen a tube blowing air, like the ones you see in surf movies! This is, still, nothing that I would surf.

I was, however, hopeful that Linda Mar would be a bit manageable than these beaches that I have visited this morning.

The waves were closing out mostly but there were some surfable walls and shoulders forming and some more seasoned short boarders were doing their best to take some of these waves, though they were failing more times than being successful. But there were some moments for them.

As for me, when waves close out in a larger set, it is time for me to do the inside reforms, and I actually caught quite a few waves in a short 1 hour session, probably 6 or 7 waves. It is always fun when there is just a lot of power left after the outside close out and then reform into a nice chest to shoulder level walls. I took my fish out thinking that there will be some duck diving needed, but the board worked perfectly in the situation, and I was able to practice more ups/downs plus some cut back turns with fairly long lasting rides.

I saw Jeremy having a lot of fun from the outside. It is always nice to see people that we know. I saw he had one nice ride and gave him my shaka!

OK, that's it for today. Let's hope tomorrow will bring some more fun!

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