Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Many of us have been sort of land locked so I should write a bit to keep all our spirits up.

A few days ago, Matt commented on him giving advise on leashes to other people. I really thought that was good. May be, many people have tried this in the past and did not work, and that's why it is not a norm, but I find it OK to give it a try, and we can all think about this. Perhaps, we can even think of better ways for the people similar to Matt's situation, and often a new product or idea tend to evolve into even better something.

At any rate that post got me thinking?

First of all, it sounds like a broken vinyl (OK, those who don't know DJ'ing and don't know what that is it is similar to a scratched CD, but not quite), I am still and always intrigued to know why you have chosen to join this group, especially when there are a lot more options available as to the amount of expertise in the membership of other surf related exchanges. But I am certainly always a bit gratified to know that we got something started in the field of surfing, which, I still must say, I don't know a lot about.

But on the other hands, I think that it is really important for all of us to express what we don't know, and I am hoping that people know that that is the reason why I started this group. Now, however, this is very difficult, because if you don't know something and write about it, you might feel that you are exposing a lot of ignorance to the public at large. I am actually OK with that one. Who cares, of someone responds with the right answer, or any answer at all, at least I've learned something about something.

Yet, another part that even prevents people from doing is to answering questions. T is because by doing so would put you in a position of showing an assumed "expertise" in the area where the question was asked. What if your answer was wrong? Not only you have provided others possibly a wrong answer, but also you really made a fool out of yourself, right?

But in my opinion, it should not be so. So if I am not correct and if someone else point that out to me would not that be better anyhow in a longer run?

A lot of surfing experience is about getting over the fear I have deep within myself, and hesitating to asking and answering is, I think, a form of a fear. Don't you agree?

So that's basically what keeps me going be here writing about my surfing experience, answering the questions posted and providing what I know about it. I should be prefacing every message, "Here is what I think, correct me if I am wrong?", but do I even say that every time, because that should always is the case, right?

So again, I thank you for all your participations all these times, and hope that we will continue to become better surfers each day of our lives!

To your stokes!

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