Saturday, January 29, 2005

Session 5016: Other Surfers Trash Can Be My Gems

When we came back from the vacation, the weather here turned to worse. It has been raining and blowing hard the past few days. But situation has been improving gradually. I was fully aware of the fact that this morning will not going to be optimum, I still ventured out to the usual place, because even when other people are saying the waves are junky or trashy, there usually are some gems hidden. Especially when it is big and wind swept at the same time, there can be some periods that I'd find some shoulders or inside reforms that I can surf. This is where a beginner like me does not put too many demands on the conditions.

As I drove passed by Montara, it was not too big like yesterday, so I knew it is not going to be a daunting session.

When I arrived at the beach there were but a few cars in the lot, and a quick surf check, there were two or three surfers out, and actually it was surfable.

I ended up catching a lot of waves and some of them were really a lot of fun. When it is bumpy like this morning, I can find bumps to execute cutback turns etc. Added with no crowd what so ever, it turned out to be a very high stoked session.

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