Thursday, January 06, 2005

Session 5003: "Everything Conspired Against Me" Day

It is sometimes amazing to realize that how much of my surfing process has became autonomic, only to be realized when some process of it changes. This morning was just a perfect example of it.

What changed? Due to the car issues, I have been using my wife's VW Golf.
First I have forgotten a board. I can forget a bootie or hood or even a helmet for a session, but it was pretty stupid of me.

When I arrived at the beach this morning for a surf check, I checked the passenger side seat. "Dammn it!" No board! We took the car for an evening engagement last night, and I forgot to put the board back in!

So I drove back home and got the board. In the meantime, a couple of buddies called me and we said that we'd go to one of the state beaches near by. I said OK, and headed out again.
I was just about ready to turn to the park entrance. Another "Dammn it moment." I don't have the annual pass. It is in the other car. If I have thought of it, I could have taken it out and took it with me before I handed my wagon to the garage. In fact that's something to keep in mind.
I did surf for 45 minutes at Linda Mar. While the sky was nice and sunny for a change, the waves were not happening much for me, and only caught a few.

Stoke 4

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