Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Session 5002, Late morning. Stoke 5

The New Year started off with just not optimally for surfing. Many year end parties we were invited to caused me to stay up later into the night, and there are more evening events and parties. Added with car problems, and of course, this continued poor weather. But, I am starting to make a progress.

This morning, I set the alarm to 6 am, and when it rang, I promptly shut off and shoved myself deeper into the comforter, but when I got up an hour later, I did get an urge to go out. I am using my wife's VW Golf, and this is when I am really happy that I have switched to short boarding. Fitting a board inside the car is snap. I think it is now a time to get a rack for the VW too.

As for surfing, I had to ignore these old "Stay Out" sign, and headed for the north side. The waves were quite right size and power to my level with up to overhead and not too strongly breaking, but actually it looked like the tide was a bit on a high side making the waves difficult to break.

I only had about 60 minutes of surfing and rush to the office, but every time, I do feel better afterwards, and that's a very satisfying feeling.

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