Monday, January 10, 2005

Session 5004: Hits and Misses Continue

It is already the 10th, and only out for the 4th time. This year of surfing has not been on a good start. This morning before going to hit the surf, I was reading the NY Times story about "Don't worry if the S & P 500 does not move fast at the start of the year." In a large number of years, what happened in the stock marked at the start of the year did mean nothing in the end. So we should all hope that we are going to have the nice rest of the winter season, and of course, the rest of the year.

I must say that we had decent winter surfs up around Christmas, and then after that the whole hell broke loose with numerous storms hitting directly upon us. The ironic things is that storms are what we really need to get the wave generated, but we'd be happy if this storm is happening thousands of miles away, but not in our own backyards. It is a very selfish prospect on things, like: "We don't want more new homes near where we live, but now that we are here first."? kind of the idea. But then, surfing is supposed to be a selfish sport too, to the extent that you really cannot share a wave with anyone.

As for this morning's surfing it has been a lot of fun, but unfortunately I had to cut short because of a late start. Then tomorrow, the weather might turn ugly again. It has really been a "hit and miss" lately.

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