Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Session 4.233: Back at it this PM.

With an encouragement from Greg, I decided to ditch the work a bit early and at 4:00 PM I was back in the water again. This time though the tide was very low, and essentially the water was just a full of mess. I started to paddle a few yards from the beach. I was paddling OK for a bit then my paddling hands started to grab sand. I stood up and it was only ankle deep. So I walk some more, and finally I was down to the hip level that I was ready to paddle again. Then just one set after another of messy water. I tried to duck dive but it was so shallow that the water was kicking up a lot of sand. So my eyes started hurt. Trying to find and catch waves was another story. These were just true close outs not giving me any piece of wall to ride on.

Still, it was a beautiful sunset and nice warm afternoon. It was still nice to be back in the water.

Stoke 5.

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