Saturday, November 06, 2004

Session 4.218: Sat Morning Session

A quick session at the Jetty this morning. Saw Ken's car parked on the highway, and shortly after I found him in the water.

I am continuing to work on faster take-offs, but today, I had not much success. One of the things I am working on is to continue to work out the fears of taking off into faster waves. To this effect, I am trying to find sections that are not that fast breaking (not like the section closer to the break water) and try really hard. I am getting a few sporadic successes, and through which, I am starting to be able to relax a bit more so that I can start to focus actually what is happening. Well, we need to see, but this is presetnly the area that is limiting my options. Taking off on so many more different sitautions is so important to me right now, as I try to become more versatile over varying condition. But this seesm to be never ending endevor.

After getting out, I saw Ken coming up. I saw a lot of nice art work done on the bottom of his board, so I shot some pictures. They are very interesting.

More pictures from this sessions are here.

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