Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Session 8014 More Mess!

Day 14

We have not had much good luck in terms of surfing in the Northern San Mateo county of Califonia this past few weeks. We just had a raw sewage spill this past weekend, and this morning I made a point of hooking up with a buddy of mine at 7:15 in the morning in Pacifica, and here is what happened.

When I got there there were 3 TV vans with satellite uplinks. I though that there was some time of accident so I tried to surf. Soon I found out that all parking lots were roped off.

So I had to get to the shopping center lot, where the TV vans were, and I spoke to one of the staff and she told me that they were covering an Oil Spill issue. Oh, gosh, another oil crap again? I thought, but then I thought that this is probably some old stuff resurfacing as we had quite a stormy surf for the past several days.

We then decided to head back south to find a wave. First we checked out Montara which I though was OK, but as we tried to get to the beach, the wave started to crank up and become quite a bit of a huge mess. I thought that it would be doable, but then it will require a much patience and a lot of biceps "burn." So we continued on south at the Jetty which was dismal.

Another beach a bit further south. (Please scroll down to the next set of photos.)

When we arrived at the next break, we took a look and thought that it was crappy, but then after investing this amount of time and we are getting in a danger of abusing our flex-time privildeges, we decided to get in "anyway" and paddled out. (Please continue after the next photo.)

In my StokeCAST I often talk about the "Washing Machine" condition, and here is a good example of what I often mean by this. You can see the suds, and ripples typical of what would be inside of my Miele... OK... Kenmore.

It took a while to get out of these inside mess.

And when we catch waves, it also closed quickly and our total ride was probably about the same as a round-trip packet time from here to New York.

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