Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Session 8012, Cold Barren and No Catch Today

Day 12
Cold, Barren and No Catch Today

Another small day this morning at local beaches. The swell lines were clearly visible on the ocean surface but wave never really broke at a few spots I checked. This is the last stop I made, as you can see, at this spot there was basically the only one peak that was doable. But it was a bit difficult for me to catch as the take off spot was very tiny and another surfer was already on it.

I paddled around a bit more and got out. While I was in the water I was not that cold but once I got out the E winds were blowing a bit and I got chilled quite quickly. It was certainly a good exercise but this morning that was the only extent of being in the water. With surfing we sometimes catch a lot and sometimes none!

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prinCess blogZ said...

hello,nice too meet you sir..
my name is sherly from indonesia..


beach is really beautiful

i love beach very much??

can you share your photograph to me???

thank you