Thursday, January 24, 2008

Session 8013: Still Zero Catch Today, How To Use the Wrist Cam

Day 13
Learning How To Use The Wrist Cam

NOTE: Click the picture to see the enlarged photos. You get a lot more out of them.

I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that for two sessions in a row I have not caught a wave. Nevertheless, I was glad I played in the water for an hour or so before work (well, I had to work this morning to do some IT issues.)

I have been practicing how best to get the shots with my submersible wrist cam. So let me talk about this a bit more in detail. The first picture you see here, which I highly recommend you click and see the higher-res version, you can see a rainbow out in the ocean. Picture like this is much easier to take because I can shoot just before I get in the water up close from the water. Otherwise I have to take them after I am done or before I do get in the water with a separate camera.

Again, this one is from the shore but it is now so easy to capture that.

This is kind of a picture I get a lot. I intended to take some other picture but ended up pushing a button just when the wave knocks me over. I have fond out that it is better to take pictures with me off the board, propping the camera and my arm on the board.

And that brings me to this picture. It is nice to take picture of waves from behind as well as from the front. You can see that this was a good offshore day as the good thick spinnaker cloud is flying behind the wave. What you are seeing is the infamous shore break that is about to happen.

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Nic said...

That last picture from the back is great! Nice shot, you'll get that wrist cam figured out eventually. Enjoying the updates and all the pictures -- thanks! I've been sick this week so no surf for me, but hope to get out there this weekend.