Sunday, April 22, 2007

Session 7044: Sunday at the Jetty Late PM

This Sunday, I waited for the tide to come back up later in the afternoon and went to my home break which is the Half Moon Bay Jetty. It is my home break because I can walk to it, though I usually drive there as it would be a bit of walk especially in the wet suits.

The condition was not all the great, mostly closing out, but what can I say, I don't have to drive miles to get to the water, and that's enough of an excuse to get in the water and catch a few waves.

I actually find it more interesting to be in these kinds of situations because, number 1 when it is crappy like this not very many people surf here, and number 2 it is kind of a challenge to find any consistent spot, and actually there would be a few spots (usually shifts between sets) that do break somewhat nicely. Though you need to paddle up and down, or sometimes walk.

It is also often the case that when looking from the shore, it looks really crappy, but once in the water and faced with the breaking waves, they are not so bad. I have not figured out why, but definitely waves are more surfable looking up close than looking at them from the shore. This is usually true but also the opposite can happen.

There are some spots around here where you can look at the waves from high above atop a cliff. From that angle all the waves look very surfable, but, boy, when I get in there, there would be infinite number of duck dives and then closeouts waiting for you.

So I am trying to not to be fooled. If I am looking at the waves from the ground level, and they look bad, it is worth a try, and if I am looking at them from high places and if they look good, I am cautious.

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