Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Session 8023: The First Day of Spring Surfing (for me)


Day 23

This morning was definitely Spring like in terms of the weather, the temperture in the air, and the return of the sight of "regular, familiar" local faces at the beach. From this time of the year on until late October is going to like this as the day getting longer, more variety of people out in the water. This morning was suffring from a bit of mess from the prevailing winds out in the ocean, and getting out at the "northern" part of the beach was a bit tough, unless you ride the rip out, in which case it was just easy.

With not having been out for a while, I can feel that my paddling strength is starting to suffer and probably supplementing that with in-house excercise is starting to be a daily legimen.

You can see that it is a bit of mess to get out there.

I don't know why this picture looks a bit distorted, but hey it is taken on a cheap wrist cam. What can you expect?

I always see one or two people cleaning up this beach every time I am there regardless of the weather. I always give a bit of hand to pick up some stuff near myself. When days gets nicer, unfortunately, there will be more trash. When the fog will return in no time and we will begin to have relatively cleaner beach again!

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