Monday, March 17, 2008

Session 8028: Waxing

Day 28

Waxing Issue
The strong winds going for the past few days have caused the water temperture to drop close to 50F measured at local buoys. 50F is definitely on the cold side. The coldest I have surfed was at 48F, and 48 is significantly colder feeling with my toes and finger tips starting to tignle.
Another thing I have been noticing is that the when I was taking off on past few sessions there were some times the board slipped under myself and missed on otherwise ridable waves. That was what happend in the pervious session a lot.
So from now on, I will comb the surface well and another things I am going to do is to switch to SexWax Purple instead of Green, and this morning I actually had a couple of really great long rights on my 7'2 Egg. Wish you were there to see me do that. Even the condition was still a bit on a messy side there really were some nice waves that came through a few times.

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