Thursday, March 27, 2008

Session 8032 - Never on a zero tide!

Day 32

This week the tide and the time has been conspiring against me. This morning I had to go out while at zero tide time, and it was just really bad. I did not catch a wave. About the only thing I got out of this morning was duck diving practice.

This is a kind of a day that when you paddle out for a bit, the tail fin starts to scrape the sand and you know you hit the sand bar, and when you stand, it is only ankle deep, and you are several hundred yards away from the shore!

Under this situation the waves would not take shape, all close out and that's about it.

I am still thankful that I got today's exercise, but it is always nice to catch at least a couple of waves.

Looking at the NOAA WaveWatch forecasts, there will be some south swells hitting us soon. I hope they will bring back some fun this weekend.

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