Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sessions 7134, 7135 A Day in My Surf Life Style

A Day in My Surf Life Style

Yesterday we got together after a gig (so to speak) with our long friend Jocelyn and Dane, and a question of what my "day" looks like. So I think that's something to write about.

5:30 AM The CD alarm starts. I picked a music that come in gradually like Brian Eno or other "environmental" music stuff. I leave the musing running, but will get up by 5:45 or so.

6:00 AM (not going to write what I do here).

6:05 AM Check the computer to see if there is no customer issue that cropped up over night. If something happens then I must do a Plan B. On this post I will write only about Plan A.

Continue checking the web, make sure that StokeMaster.COM site is up and running then check my StokeConsole for the local condition (note I do not rely on Surfline or any other forecasting web sites.) I make a basic determination of where I will hit at this time.

6:15 AM I get in the shower, wash my hair and then shave.

6:30 AM If I am going to places close by, I just get in the wet suits with the torso dangling. Otherwise I will put on a T-shirts and board shorts.

6:35 AM Fill up the water jug with warm water. Load the car with the rest of the stuff. Board stays in the car every day.

6:40 AM: Leave the hose. I don't eat the breakfast. Continue with wave checking and coordinate morning session with local buddies via cell while I drive.

7:00 AM: Arrive at the beach.

7:10 AM: At the shore, doing a warm up exercise.

7:15 AM: Paddling out

8:45 AM: Catch the last wave of the day.

8:50 AM: Wash the salt off and change to the street clothes.

9:00 AM: Grab Coffee + Donut or a Pastry Off to work. But usually take care of phone calls stuff while I drive.

6:30 PM: Start to wrap up day's work. Write the WavLOG. Check system status and such before leaving the office. Check traffic report until the RT 92 turns from Red to Yellow.

7:00 PM: If the traffic status on 92 is Yellow then I will go, otherwise I will stay in the office and do more work until the traffic dies down.

7:30 PM: Arrive at home. Rinse the wet stuff, hang them up. I have the second pair of wetsuits and such. I have a washing machine right next to the washing basin, so I usually throw the wet stuff in there and put them through a spin cycle. It really works well.

7:45 PM: Dinner and relaxing evening.... If Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare is on I watch it with my wife. Otherwise I am back on computer doing something, or pay bills or do things.

11:00 PM: Pack tomorrow's street clothes in the duffel bag. Then load it in the car. Then go to bed.

Session 7134 Friday Pre-Work

Thursday I did a short board, but Friday morning was a bit smaller so I decided to take the Egg out. I would say, yeah, I like the egg in the morning.

Saturday, No Session

Got a slow start, went to the beach, but having been small, I decided to take an hour nap in the car. Sometimes that's as fun and relaxing as surfing.

Session 7135

A very special local spot, surfed with Cynthia and Stevo. But breaking small, and I had a lot of fun waves.

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