Thursday, September 13, 2007

Session 7124: Why Women Are Better Surfers

Why Women Are Better Surfers
  • I've always admired women surfers of Linda Mar and Santa Cruz. There are more women surfers who look like they are having a lot more fun than men. They tend to be smiling a lot more. Once I was at Linda Mar north end, and it was clearly overhead, a bit on a fearful side. This woman surfer I know for a while, she was just smiling and riding as if it is nothing to it. Another session at Cowells, another women surfer who was just surfing so much better, but looked so effortlessly.
  • I know my wife can still can touch the floor with her palms flat. I could not have been able to do that even from when I was 10 year old. They stay limber for a long timer though their lives. Once they are on the waves their movements tend to be smoother, gentler, and fluid. I've seen many women surfers advance much faster than many of men surfers I know. I think Surfing IS the right sport for many women.
  • They tend to be having a lot more fun compared to competitive men surfers. On the lineup, if there are more than one women surfer, there usually is some conversation going. In Cowells, I have seen many women propping their heads on the board with their forearms, and just talking while waiting for waves, just kind of like a slumber party on the bed or something!
  • One thing I would like ask many of you try not to do. There are quite a few women long board surfers who can catch waves and go, but for whatever the reasons, their arms are precariously all over the places while they are riding. Looks like you are pulling and wrapping in a wool string or something. You all have better center of gravity than men. Just relax your shoulders and upper body, sit tight on hip and knees and balance out things. I could not have figured this out, but this does not happen a whole lot with male surfers (men tend to have more of an Eiffel Tower effects on the board, especially taller men) Correct me if I am wrong.

  • To all men surfers: Watch and learn some things from some of the better women surfers on the waves. Don't be so uptight about your sexuality, and you don't have to prove to yourself how good you are. Don't be angry and cranky all the time. On the wave, it should not really matter, would it? The best surfers are the ones who are having fun! Just relax and enjoy the ride and the whole experience and share it with everyone in the ocean!

Today's Surf Session

Glad went out. It looked flat but once I was in, there were some great fun waves, I can feel that the south was touching.

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