Saturday, January 27, 2007

Session 7016: Post Operative Session

This is the first session after the dental implant surgery. You'd not want to break the jaw right away, so I had to be careful. The night before I went to Big5 and got a mouth guard priced at $1.45. It has a $8000 dental gurantee. But if you read closely, they what they give you is up to something like $250 per teeth. You need to cook it first then fit it while it is soft. It fit OK, but occasionaly I felt like I was ready to puke as it pressed at the back of the tongue. But eventually I got used to it.

As for the surfing, I picked a local uncrowded beach. The waves looked good, with occasional overhead sets passing by and without much wind, it was on easier range for getting out, for this place. Normally we all need to fight lots of inside white breaks to get out.

I did not want to be out too long but I got one good wave, the kind you can see the wall forming in the right corners of my eyes. But that was it.

I was grad that I came back without an incident though because if there was an incident, I could not surf tomorrow and will be in somewhat of a problem with the dentist, and of course, with other people too!


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