Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Session 7002: Ventura Surfers Point

Ventura Surfer's Point Rocked Solid

Oh man, oh man! Best session was the last session on this So Cal vacation. Today we are going to head back to Half Moon Bay.

This morning, I did a DP at the Surfer's Point in Ventura and some really solid swell lines coming in... you could see them coming a mail away, and when they hit the shore became easily overhead but very nice rolling breaks. Nice wave shapes, very long rides, sunny sky, could not ask for a more perfect DP. The wave shapes were rather gentle to get started so it required some paddling by everyone to get into the waves, but once in the waves there was a plenty of room to go all the way to the bottom then up and cut... Just about everything I know how, I was able to do it several times in a ride. If I had a long board, it would have been much better in terms of the wave counts, but my Stretch F4 with myself on it did not too badly... the sharper Mr. Ridell should not be ashamed of.

People here are always very friendly too.

Some challenges,

The waves were crashing right into cobble stone shore. I had to time the sets, then jump in and paddle as fast as possible. Yeah, this is similar to standard Montara get-in trick.

One time I rode all the way to the section that's about 1/2 way between the piers and the beach park. Gosh the side current was so strong I almost had to miss the stairs. This is, again, being beaten up in big shore breaks while negotiating the cobblestone bottom to reach the stairs... I was prepared to damage a board or a fin. Luckily there was a lull moment when I got out.

How was your surfing today? Be sure to write.

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