Sunday, February 06, 2005

Session 5025-5026: Double Sessions in SC

Given the popularity of surfing as a sport, and there are so many organizations that are surfing related, there must be at least one surfing competition happening somewhere in California every weekend! To some extent, this might be cutting into those surfers who can get out to their favorite breaks only during weekends or holidays. Even worse, if a major competition has an issue with the condition, they can relocate their contest at will to any other locations. That happened during the last Coldwater Classic. I was looking into surfing at Waddell Creek, and there, there were several white canopies up. In fact, it is kind of a routine that I'd utter some form of profanity in privacy in my own car when I arrive at a break that I intend to surf and see these white canopies lined up. And this was a Super Bowl Sunday. People should stay home and watch TV for my sake!

I am not particularly against the competition, but what happens is that, such events would draw notably good surfers. There are places to surf, but then if the zones are small then these good surfers warming up dominate the waves. That's what I am a bit frustrated about. But on the other hands, contests usually chase other regular surfers away, so it tends to create less crowded conditions. So it is a curse and it is a benefit at the same time.

In spite of this though, I was happy that this was Manresa. It can spread out.

I had several of the Stokemaster friends to share the breaks today, and the condition was not as big as I wanted it to be, and take off peaks were rather narrow so it was a bit difficult to pick the right spot.

It is good to meet my friends from time to time, as I can see how they have progressed over years or months that I have known them, and amazing that some people can progress very fast and some people tend to hit a level and stay that way for a while, then progress again. They all progress differently.

After a while of surfing, I thought that I would be tired enough that I would go and take a nap, but after lunch, I got additional energy, so I headed out to the Hook. And sure enough, the place was not very crowded, and I even caught a few waves at the Hook itself, since it was only breaking at high chest level too. From there I paddled out towards 38th, then onto 36th, and caught some beautiful waves on my foam board that I decided to leave it in Santa Cruz. I thought I forgot how to long board but this afternoon I got it back. It was definitely more fun as for surfing than this morning, but I must say the waves at the 38th are really made for long boarding. Whenever I long board there, it is always a lot of fun, and just as exciting and challenging as riding short boards on my local beach breaks.

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