Thursday, February 03, 2005

Session 5021: Stokey Day, not just a stokey session!

I got up at 5:00 to tie some minimum loose ends to the software upgrades last night, where a very lengthy database conversion took place while I dreamed about surfing. The dream went like this.

I was the top floor of a parking garage type place, but instead of this being a parking garage, the entire floor is flooded with water, and I was actually surfing on it. Big SUVs and pickups comes by, presumably trying to find parking spots, and they create this knee high wakes behind and I'd catch it and basically follow the vehicles, of course, on my Fish. Hey, it's small waves perfect for the Fish. Sometimes, I'd come closed to parked cars, that's of course flooded up to the lower part of the doors, and I'd do this mighty pull out kick turns to dodge them, and my wife is looking at me surfing here from a balcony of a hotel that is attached at the end of this parking structure. I am zooming by the green neon sign of Olive Gardens and striped red and white awnings of TGI Fridays, but this must be a DP because the signs are not lit only casting the dim color.

It is a bizarre scene to be sure.

. . .

The database conversion went well, and the entire database went online without a hitch. I checked the outside, and it was already nice and clear sky, and so I decided to call some of my local surf-riding buddies. The decibel level are all high in all our tones, sounds are leaking from the ear pieces into the room as my wife could clearly hear what is being talked about; as we know this would be a nice day. And, it was one of the best days in my recent memory. The spots were clean, nice, no wind, perhaps a bit of offshore condition, and three of my best local surfing buddies showed up basically owning the entire beach catching all the breaks up and down. Some of advanced buddies would go way outside and catch the lips when big ones come. I will stay inside where the lips breaks up and catch some softer inside breaks. There was a horrendous rip current that I have never been into before too. It was going so strong that I practically did not have to paddle at all. It is definitely a good day when I come out all tired of riding waves, turning around, catching some more, almost like some sort of an assembly plant with a circular conveyer belt.

When the session was over, we could not get out of our stokes that we talked about it for another 30 minutes at the parking lot, while we continued to watch waves and doing imaginary rides; "There, Mano, I can see you on that right.", "Hey Jack, that's your wave, man!" Then we talked about boards and upcoming surf trips etc.

Then when I came back I got a really nice compliment about my WavLOG from a high energy physicist in my e-mail. As a side hobby, I catch up on quantum physics, so it was really respectful to hear from someone who is doing it as a job! And that topped my already stoky day!

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