Monday, November 26, 2007

Session 7164: The Fall Continues... The Cosco Stuff...

WavLOG DAY 164
When I Thought Summer Did Not End, Now When The Fall Ends? And Our Environment.

It was not too long ago when I talked about summer lasting too long. That was when I was referring to the wind being non-stop into September and even probably into October. The last several weeks, though, the wind situation has been quite good, and so were the swell conditions. First some south started to fill in earlier and now we have fairly solid 14 sec+ swell filling in one after another... thanks to some good wind activities up in the northern Pacific ocean. Or, perhaps we may not be so thankful. This could also be an indication of irreversible climate changes.

One of the highlights and real good bonus for us was this Thanksgiving weekend. We just had several days of solid WNW swells, and it was such a lucky break for all of us here in Northern Cal when we were so frustrated and mad about the Cosco Busan Oil Spill accident.

With respect to the recent oil spills, but I've read things almost sounded like;

"We should stop all boats from coming to SF Bay"
"We could ban the use of certain fuel in these ships."
"We should stop trading with China!"

I understand these sentiments, but I must also ask those who are saying that if they can survive without international trades. Do they not love their iPods, Sumsung or Sony TVs, Subarus, Honda Elements, and such?

Personally, I think that the focus ought to be on prevention and not going for some "seemingly good intentioned" but too simplistic of a request for a solution.

People tend to do that a lot.

Suppose that someone would be killed from surfing at some local beach tomorrow. The first thing that people would think is "let's ban surfing because 'I' don't want to see people getting killed there."

A simple "ban" on something because it did bad one time to me is a band-aid solution and it is not a cure to me. We should think wide (globally) and with a long term picture in mind. Not just 2-3 seconds in front of us and 10-20 miles radius around us, which of course, a lot of us would accuse of many businesses and Wall Street doing.

Let us not fall into these traps!

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