Sunday, November 18, 2007

Session 7160: A Week of Hiatus Finally Gotten Out

This past week, I have gotten actually busy with the work and the oil spills. As for the oil spills, I was busy dispatching information both on the Stokemaster and Surfrider San Mateo web sites. It is amazing that so much information come through!

With this oil scare, and rather poor condition out there, I did not get out until today, which is actually just over a week.

I could not go much further south, but in order to avoid the possibility of encountering the oil, I tried to south. All San Mateo beaches looked really gnarly and big, and finally ended up at Waddell Creek. I must say that condition was not that great, but I had to get in the water just to make sure that I have not forgotten anything.

The current was strong, and getting out was a bit of challenge. It was a kind of a day that no matter how much I paddled I did not make much progress. And even if I made to the outside, the waves were closing out fast and so it was not in any real shape for me that I could ride.

I gave up in about an hour and headed back.

I hope many of you have made back to the ocean this weekend!

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