Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Session 5204

Well, on Thursday I will be flying back home to Japan in a non-vacation and non-work circumstance where surfing is totally out of question, so I was hoping for a really fun wave in the afternoon. I decided to hit Montara. It was really sunny, clear blue sky and nice out. But waves were not cooperating. It was a soupy frothy mess and not easy to get out and even when finally out after burning 200 calories the waves were not shaped easy enough for me to surf. On top of that there was a very strong N->S current going by the shore so I could not get to where I wanted to go easily.

I was though happy to see Dog Haus, though he was not surfing but playing with his daughter in the sand, and I got out after 4 get-out attempts. Picked up a 6-pack of Kona Longboard Ale, headed to his house and consumed it. And that's the extent of this session.

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