Thursday, September 01, 2005

Session 5188

The day started out with a call to me that one of our major systems at work not functioning. When this happens it is a hell of an issue because of the complexity of the system that I need to deal with, there can be dozen things that can go wrong, and if I find out the cause, it would still take a while for me to figure out what other people have done to it in the past. Eventually, though, we all figure it out. Otherwise I would not have even gotten out in time to catch the evening waves that would not have been fun.

But we did fix everything, and it was really a frustrating day.

There is somewhat of a ritualistic nature in session. When I get into the water, I do have to strip all my work cloths off. I use that chance to strip off all the other things in the "day" world and try to become a part of a sea mammal family, I will forget about everything and focus just on the waster, the waves, the smell of the ocean and don't even thing about anything else but just being in the water and live as simple of life as I can.

After I got out of the water, I really felt a lot better about everything.

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