Friday, September 02, 2005

Session 5189

I have been a bit tired, mentally that is, for the past few days. I do not set my alarm clock. When I do a DP, I am usually up due to my own determination to get up and go. But this morning, the warm bed was more inviting to me than to get out and hit the beach before I hit the desk. I am sure you can all relate to that. I am sure I am back in track again especially I am now on a mission to compete as a full fledged surfer next year at the Classic. May be a wishful thinking but that is the goal I am aiming for.

Having said that though, this afternoon was another one of those humbling situation where getting out was so difficult and catching the waves were equally difficult. It is humbling because there are others who do, and can do it, ripping and shredding, and I am not there yet. I am not making the lineup easily and I am not catching waves like them.

So back to the drawing board? it still is a part of a long journey. It still takes more practices to get out as efficiently as the best people, and it still take more practice to take on more wider variety of wave shapes. I have a road map in my mind, I think I know how to get there, but I also know that the road to there is still a long and uphill battle. Yes, it is part of my nature to pursue this. Why would I want to do that? I need to know where the limit is. Have I hit it, I may have, then may not have, but I can only know by trying since I am still discovering a lot every time I get out.

Soon I will be hitting the 200th session this year!

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