Sunday, September 25, 2005

Session 5202

Session 5202

What an awesome fall afternoon! The sun was out completely (which is rare in this area), the wind has stopped (which is rare when the sun is out in our area), and we did have some good close out waves in our local beaches. A local buddy of mine also showed up in the mid session, and instead of surfing, we decided to paddle to and from one state beach to another (though I cheated, I walked back since I was already paddling up and down for some time before he showed up and I was on a 6'3.)

I requested Wendy she would come out and role the camcorder for me, so here it is. With all these sessions I do, you might be wondering why I am not a pro surfer yet, but I guess there are who make it and there are who never will. But you all know I am having fun.

These are but just a few of the best rides that were recorded in camera. But I have really learned that I am not paddling hard enough and giving up too soon based on other footages that you did not see. So that's what I am going to work on next.

You will find that the video taping helps a lot on your skill improvements. I suggest highly that you do that. The technology is within the reach of most surfers. So do it!

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