Thursday, February 02, 2006

Session 6012-6013

As I learn how to surf, I have been learning this on a piece by piece approach. Of course any part of it cannot stand alone of the other, so it has been more like re-enforcing one area of the skill set and then the next.

When I started to understand a bit more about short and long boarding and watched some people, I saw some people pumping board to get more speed. Over pumping does not look very good, but soon I've discovered myself that this pumping action does work sometime. I guess this works because you can channel and squeeze some of the water between the outer fins get some thrust. It probably won't work without the side fins as well as with them.

But I am now starting to realize that if this is combined with a turn, and I can really utilize a bit of the pumping action to set up for the initial turn. I think that I can execute this more, I can increase speeds through turns.

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