Sunday, January 04, 2004

WaveLog Session 4001: A New Board, Cowells and The Lane

Yes, I did buy the board from December M. It is a 7'6 Nor Cal Fun board. She wanted to get rid of it so she can move to Hawaii with only a suitcase. I said OK, I will buy it, and I can even sell it.

I got this as a backup quiver so that I can continue to ride a 7'6 length board when the Arrow Hybrid is out of commission.

Today I talked December to come with us to SC, and we ended up at Cowells so that Reez and Aimee can also surf there. But unfortunately there were not much waves even though it was a -1 ft tide at 3:00 PM. I was hoping that Aimee would paddle out to the Indicators, but she did not want to go, So I decided to paddle out to the Indicators myself. Still nothing. So I kept paddling out to the Lane. There was some shoulder high stuff going here but there were only 5-6 surfers. So much kelp here and could not do much, so after 30 min, I gave up and gone up the stairs and walked back.

So not much to report today in terms of my progress. It was impossible to catch knee high breaks with my Arrow 7'6 at Cowells, that's about all I can say today.

More on the riding impression on the NC 7'6 a bit later on.

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